How to use Google Analytics to get information about how your visitors interact with your site
  1. Getting set up with Google
    Analytics How to gain access to Google Analytics and creating your own advanced account

  2. Basic Page Statistics
    Tutorial on finding your site's statistics, changing the time period, understanding the metrics and the internal sources of traffic

  3. External Sources of Traffic
    Tutorial demonstrating how to analyse all the different sources of traffic

  4. Downloadable Content Statistics
    How to find the statistics for the downloadable content used on your site

  5. Google Tracking Links for Ad Campaigns
    Learn how to create your own google tracking link, what it does and why it is useful. Before attempting please make sure you have watched the "External Sources of Traffic" video

  6. Creating a segment
    How to create a segment to focus on your site statistics

  7. Dashboards: Feature comparison
    A brief comparison of features across the different Google Analytics dashboards

  8. Dashboards: Basic Dashboard guide
    Understanding what the basic Google Analytics dashboard has to offer

  9. Dashboards: Intermediate Dashboard guide
    How to configure, use and understand the contents of the intermediate Google Analytics dashboard

  10. Dashboards: Selecting a segment
    How to filter your Google Analytics dashboard's data 
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