Welcome (Hello Kent) and Welcome back campaign 2020

We are looking forward to welcoming our new and returning students to campus in September. This page provides information for staff on how you can get involved and help us promote our Welcome (Hello Kent) and Welcome back campaigns.

2021 Welcome campaign

To learn more about the 2021 Welcome campaign. Please see our new Staff Guide webpage

Hello Kent (welcome to new students)

We are welcoming our new students with the Hello Kent campaign, building on the Hello Kent campaign from last year.

What we want students to feel:

  • Excited
  • Informed
  • Happy with their choice of university
  • Supported

What we want students to know:

  • What they need to do before the arrive
  • What to do when they arrive
  • Events when they arrive
  • Support available

What we want students to do:

The Hello Kent website includes links to key enrolment information on the Getting Started webpages, maps, helpful student blogs/vlogs and a shared events calendar with Canterbury and Medway events organised by the University and Union. 

Adding events to Hello Kent

If you have an event for new students that is open to all/a large group of students (for example all postgraduate or international students), please add your events to the Hello Kent calendar. See guidance on adding events to the Hello Kent calendar.

Welcome events with dates up to to mid-October should be shared on the Hello Kent calendar. After this point events should be shared to the general Student Guide calendar

Promoting Hello Kent

We are using the same Hello Kent branding as last year but we have updated some of the images to reflect social distancing and to emphasise the space at our campuses. A sample of the Hello Kent branded images are below. 

Hello Kent sample image of students sat on lawn smiling
Hello Kent sample image of students sat on bench
Hello Kent sample image of students walking on Medway campus
Hello Kent sample image of students sat by Canterbury labyrinth

See our Student comms campaign folder on SharePoint site to download more images, plasma screen displays and templates. 

Welcome back (returning students)

New for this year, we have created a specific Welcome back webpage which aims to provide:

  • Key information such as re-registration and timetable release dates
  • How we expect term to look with links to the coronavirus site
  • What's new at Kent
  • Helpful blogs
  • Events
  • Reminder of support available 

If you have events specifically for returning students (open to all or large groups, for example all postgraduate students or international students) then you can add them to the Student Guide calendar

When adding an event on the events factory press "Student Guide" in the "Share to calendar" option.

The Student Guide calendar will continue to be used throughout the academic year.

Promoting Welcome back

We have created Welcome back plasma screens to help welcome back our returning students. You can also download the images separately for use promoting the Welcome back site on social media. 

Welcome back plasma sample with image of students sat on lawn at Canterbury campus
Welcome back plasma sample with students walking and on skate board at Medway campus

See our Student comms campaign folder on SharePoint site for more images and plasma screen displays.

Hello Kent App

We have launched a new mobile app for new and returning students. The app is a great way for students to easily access our services, events and find out key information. 

Currently the app pulls through the Hello Kent news and events content. Gradually this will transition to the Student Guide news and events content after the welcome period has finished. 

Promoting the Hello Kent app

You can help us promote the Hello Kent app by sharing our blog post

Hello Kent app screens

You can also download the Hello Kent app artwork to promote on social media.   

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