Undergraduate Survey Month (UGS)

Learn about Undergraduate Survey Month and how to promote this to students.

What is Undergraduate Survey Month?

The Undergraduate Survey 2020 is now closed. 

At Kent, we run the National Student Survey (NSS) for mainly final years and the Undergraduate Survey (UGS) for all other undergraduate students at the same time.

This is to help raise awareness of both the surveys without bombarding non-eligible students with NSS communications. 

By encouraging more students not in their final year to complete the UGS, we receive representative feedback to help us make changes that can directly affect first and second year students’ experience. The earlier we get this feedback, the earlier we can make changes to improve their experience while they are still at Kent!  

Undergraduate Survey Month

How to promote and online resources

Although both surveys are promoted under Undergraduate Survey Month, specific NSS communications and events must use the standard Ipsos MORI NSS artwork.

Please help promote Undergraduate Survey Month to your undergraduate students this February by:

  • For specific UGS link- Undergraduate Survey 2020 now closed. 
  • Highlighting the importance of the UGS as well as the NSS. Students will see UGS feedback implemented before they graduate from Kent. 

The best practice for promoting the NSS is also relevant for promoting the UGS.

You can find out more about the NSS and download resources and guidance for both campaigns via SharePoint 

Key dates for Undergraduate Survey Month

The University (Planning and Business Information Office) will send out email communications to students eligible for the Undergraduate Survey on the same days as Ipsos MORI sends email communications to students eligible for the NSS.

  • Wednesday 8 January- Administrative staff workshop
  • Friday 24 January- Printed and electronic marketing materials circulated by Corporate Communications

Week 15

  • Monday 27 January- Kent launch (students can complete before this date if they wish)
  • Thursday 30 January- Initial invitation email from Ipsos MORI

Week 16

  • Monday 3 February- First reminder email sent from Ipsos MORI
  • Friday 7 February- Second reminder email sent from Ipsos MORI

Week 17

  • Thursday 13 February- SMS reminders from Ipsos MORI
  • Friday 14 February- Telephone phase conducted by Ipsos MORI starts

Week 18

  • Monday 17 February- Telephone phase conducted by Ipsos MORI continues

Week 20

  • Friday 1 March- Email and telephone follow ups

Week 25

  • Thursday 30 April- Deadline for survey completion 
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