Research support

Kent is proud to be a leading research institution – as underlined in the most recent Research Excellence Framework (REF) – and we are keen to support and guide our researchers at all stages of their career.

There are three key teams who can help you with different aspects of your research:

Together, the three services provide support at different stages of the research cycle. 

Preparing your project

Finding collaborators

Advice on finding and approaching researchers both at Kent and externally for collaboration on a new project.

Understanding data management requirements

The management of research data is becoming increasingly important, with many funders now having policies relating to it.

Technical requirements

We can help you identify and meet any technical requirements your project might need. This includes:

  • new or upgraded software and hardware
  • a project website or new online functionality
  • data gathering and analysis.

Understanding copyright and intellectual property

Support and advice for using third party work in your research, as well as on the licencing options you have when publishing.

Getting ethical approval

If your research involves working with humans or animals you have specific legal and moral obligations to them.

Our Research Ethics & Governance Officer can help you to understand what these are, and what you need to do in order to comply with them and safeguard those taking part in the research.

Applying for funding

How to identify appropriate schemes and put together a strong grant application.

Managing your project

Appointing and managing staff

Some grants come with additional funding so that you can hire Research Assistants to help you throughout your project. 


Many funders want you to provide regular financial reports on your award as part of your grant. You might also need to provide an end of award report explaining what your project has achieved.

Managing research data

How to organise your data to keep it safe and secure from start to finish, as well as any copyright implications you need to be aware of.

Sharing your findings

Disseminating your findings widely and appropriately

We are committed to making our research as accessible as possible to all. We encourage and support our academics to make their outputs free at the point of access, and are working to make their underlying data freely accessible too.

Set up a website to showcase your project is a free to use, self service network of websites providing you with the means to showcase your individual research projects from across the university, with long term support and training provided by the Web Solutions team.  

Engaging the public with your research

Connecting with those outside  academia to ensure that your research has a positive social or economic effect is central to what we do.

Impact and sharing

We can help you understand how to measure and amplify the impact of your research.

Additional support

Academic Career Map (ACM)

The Academic Career Map is a framework providing guidance to support the career development and progression of academics across Kent.

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