Innovation support

As a leading research institution we are keen to continue to grow our innovation and enterprise activities.

Innovation - maximising the impact of your research and seeing a practical application of your novel ideas, methods, products, technologies or designs.

Enterprise -  exploring the possibilities of working with external partners (business, industry, public bodies, charities) in order to exchange knowledge 

Innovation and Enterprise options

Support is available for:

  • Commercialisation
  • Short term consultancy and projects
  • Longer term collaborative projects, including knowledge transfer partnerships
  • Delivery of CPD, training and workshops
  • Spin-outs & start ups

Finding collaborators

Advice on identifying and nurturing partnerships with external organisations (business, industry, public bodies, charities). 

Understanding and managing your intellectual property

Support with intellectual property, patents & trademarks, developing a spin-out and advice on maintaining freedom to publish.

Applying for innovation funding

How to identify appropriate funding routes and put together a strong application.

Building your innovation capacity

Find out about activities and support in order to develop your and your team’s innovation capacity

Key contacts

For more information and guidance on support, please contact our Faculty Liaison Officers.

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