A comprehensive listing of training opportunities for staff across Kent.

New staff

We encourage all new staff to complete a series of training courses to bring them up to speed with Kent procedures and processes:

Academic staff should also complete:

All training courses

Agresso E-learningThe modules are tailored for any Agresso users but are best suited for new users who have never accessed the application before.
Appraisal - Reflect, Plan, DevelopThese briefing sessions, lasting up to three hours, are designed to help both reviewers and reviewees get the best results from our RPD (appraisal) framework.
Assertiveness/Confident CommunicationThis programme includes the development of practical skills as well as encouraging participants to explore the basis of their personal values and behaviour at work.
Associate Fellowship SchemeRequired course if you are engaged in direct teaching or if your role involves supporting academic provision.
Aurora programmeAurora is an externally led leadership programme for women up to senior lecturer level or professional services equivalent who wish to develop their leadership skills. Aurora is designed to engage with women at an early stage in their careers.
Basic Risk AssessmentFor those who are required to carry out Risk Assessments as part of their role. Learning the true meaning of hazard and risk, based upon the five steps to risk assessment method, and legal requirements.
British Sign LanguageGain basic skills and confidence in the using British Sign Language.
Campus Security Door Supervisor trainingThis course is for staff who will be responsible for the safety and security of customers and staff in venues such as pubs, bars, nightclubs and other licensed premises or at public events.
CopyrightIdentify whether and how copyright issues affect your work and how to make informed decisions on the best way to address implications.
Data protectionGuidance on you to comply with Data Protection and Freedom of Information legislation and how to apply the training into your daily work.
Display Screen Equipment AssessorFor designated staff who carry out display screen equipment assessments as part of their role.
Dreamweaver trainingA series of videos designed to induct all web publishers, from staff with absolutely no experience to those who have some experience but are new to the Kent set-up.
Emergency First AidThis course provides basic First Aid training and is available to all staff. (This does not lead to a qualification)
Emergency Spill ResponseFor staff with responsibility for the storage, use, transportation or disposal of hazardous materials. Attendees will learn how to assess spill risks, reduce the risk of spills and the four steps of the emergency spill response procedure.  This course is by invitation only.
Enterprise and Impact trainingThis course is aimed at academics wishing to find out more about engaging with industry.
Environment and sustainabilityHow to embed environmental awareness and sustainability into your role and activities.
Equality Impact AnalysisThis module introduces the concept of Equality Impact Assessments and explains what they are, why they’re important, what the law says and key stages of the Equality Impact Assessment process.
Fire MarshallingStaff who volunteer as ‘Fire Marshals’ will be required to carry out regular low-key fire safety inspections, as well as the more obvious evacuation tasks.  Mandatory training for designated fire marshals.
First Aid at workTraining in First Aid procedures to ensure a quick and timely response.  This course is not open to everyone.
Foundation Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety – Chartered Institute of Environmental HealthDesigned to provide employees with a basic understanding of the principles of health and safety, enabling them to contribute to their employer's health and safety arrangements.  This accredited training is not available to everyone.
Foundations of ManagementThis programme provides a practical approach to building essential skills in people management practice.
Giving and Receiving FeedbackThis short workshop will give participants the skills to be able to give and receive constructive feedback with the aim of achieving continuous improvement.
Grants Factory training Workshops for academic and research staff to expand your knowledge of funding and innovation policies and practices, and to enable you to develop additional transferable skills for academia and beyond.
Graduate and Researcher College trainingResearcher-focused activities to support the professional and career development, positive mental health and wellbeing of academic and research colleagues.
Identifying and Responding to Student Mental HealthBeing informed about mental health basics will make you much better equipped to deal with any challenges you encounter. 
Inclusive Learning and Teaching Strategies This module features Kent staff and students discussing inclusive practice and ways to remove barriers.
InsightsA senior women’s leadership programme designed to strengthen and enhance leadership capabilities to support an institutional culture of innovation, improvement and change.
Introduction to Higher Education (HE)The workshop provides an overview and introduction to the HE sector for staff who are new to the sector or want a greater understanding of how Kent operates.
Kent Academic Repository trainingAdvice and guidance on how to use Kent’s online academic repository.
KentPlayer: EssentialsHow to create video content for educational use.
Language ExpressLanguage Express offers a wide range of 20-week courses, at many different levels, open to all staff.
Language Express Direct one-to-one tuitionThe course consists of ten hours of lessons. You decide the start date and lesson schedule with the teacher, depending on your combined availability.
Leadership for Areas of Significant ResponsibilityThis programme is targeted at professional managers in professional services - grades 9 and 10 and academic staff with leadership roles.
Management Skills PortfolioModular sessions for those new to management or managers wishing to refresh skills and knowledge in practical approaches to people management.
Managing Safely - Institution of Occupational Safety and HealthIt is a course for managers and supervisors to ensure that safety requirements are appreciated by those employed as line managers and to enable them to review their own departmental systems, introducing new controls or implementing changes as appropriate.  This accredited training is not available to everyone.
Managing your CareerIn these six workshops held over five months, participants will identify career aspirations and develop skills to help them achieve their goals
Media AwarenessA comprehensive and engaging introduction to all aspects of the media facilitated by a former BBC journalist and experienced media trainer.
Media TrainingIn this highly practical and bespoke small-group session we build confidence, develop the strategies to be successful and give you the opportunity to test your skills in a range of realistic interview simulations.
Mental Health AwarenessSmall, simple steps you can take to make your workplace mentally healthier.
Moodle: EssentialsEverything you need to know when using Moodle for the first time.
Moodle: QuizzesAn introduction to the use of Moodle quizzes for formative assessment.
MyFolioGet hands-on experience of the various tools in MyFolio, and receive guidance on supporting students in using MyFolio for personal development planning.
New Senior Leaders' ProgrammeA two-day induction event where New Senior Leaders will have the opportunity to work with Executive Group members to discuss key topics such as strategic leadership and planning, and leading and managing people in a diverse and inclusive culture.
Note TakingThis practical workshop will look at the skills and techniques needed for taking notes at a variety of meeting settings.
Personal Presence and ImpactThis short session will introduce participants to the key principles of personal presence including individual branding and how to make a positive impact in the workplace.
Personal ResilienceThe Robertson-Cooper i-resilience tool is extremely useful to understand your personal resilience and reflect on your ability to cope with setbacks.
Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE)Enhance your understanding of the principles of effective teaching and research in higher education.
Pre-retirementThe workshop provides participants with an introduction to planning for retirement. It will explore areas affecting retirement, looking at finance, health, emotional and social impacts.
PreventHow to safeguard vulnerable people from being radicalised to supporting terrorism or becoming terrorists themselves. It will provide an important foundation on which to develop further knowledge around the risks of radicalisation and the role that you can play in supporting those at risk.
Project ManagementA two-day course with a variety of activities and exercises to carry out. Project management is the use of process, skills, knowledge and experience to achieve the project’s objectives.
Recruitment and SelectionThis course aims to provide you with practical guidance on key aspects managing recruitment and selection.
Resilience and wellbeingThis short session will introduce participants to the key principles of resilience including strengthening and maintaining wellbeing when responding positively to workplace demands and during times of change.
Safe Manual HandlingInforms members of staff of hazards involved and how manual handling can cause injury and harm and how to increase awareness of the importance of correct procedures. Also provides an overview of manual handling risk assessment.
Safety Awareness - Control of Substances Hazardous to HealthTrains members of staff to look carefully at their own work activities and be able to contribute to the safer use of hazardous substances in co-operation with their managers and supervisors.
Safety for Senior LeadersFor managers at a senior level who have wide ranging responsibilities significant areas of Kent's business. It is suitable for senior managers up to and including Heads of Department and members of the Executive Group (EG)
Sexual Assault or Rape ResponseRaise awareness and educate staff on what to do if a student discloses that they have been sexually assaulted. 
Supervising Safely (Re-certification) - Institution of Occupational Safety and HealthThis accredited training is only available to those who have attended and gained the 'Supervising Safely' certificate.
Supervising Safely - Institution of Occupational Safety and HealthA course suitable for supervising staff and potential supervisors. It provides those with a responsibility for others with the relevant knowledge and skills to supervise safely and to be able to contribute to their organisation’s safety performance.  This accredited training is not available to everyone.
Time ManagementThis workshop is aimed to help participants to reflect on their time and attention management.
Transgender AwarenessThis course offers guidance on understanding, supporting and working with trans colleagues. 
Turnitin & GradeMarkHow to create and manage Turnitin assignments and use of GradeMark with papers submitted through Turnitin
Using Statstics in Your JobThe workshop is for members of staff that are not from a mathematics or statistics background and is designed to improve their confidence in dealing with statistics.