Promotions and salary awards

Our continuing success is underpinned by the personal growth and career achievements of our staff.

Kent has a number of ways to recognise the outstanding performance and contribution of our staff - through promotion, additional increments, one-off payments or team awards.

Academic Career Map (ACM)

What is it?

A framework setting out what we expect from academic staff, how we  support them and how we recognise their achievements at each career stage.

It is designed:

  • To provide a framework during probation
  • As a reference tool when identifying development opportunities
  • As a framework when building a case for promotion
  • As a guidance tool when considering cases for promotion
  • As a reference tool when considering new role requirements

How to use it

The Academic Career Map takes into account the full spectrum of activity undertaken by academic colleagues and is organised into three 'strands', complementing Kent's strategic aim to renew our ambitions for our research, education and engagement activities:

Within each strand, the activities (indicators) have been grouped together into similar areas of work – referred to as themes.

Each theme then has a number of indicators for each career stage, which summarise the range of activities that individuals at that career stage might typically be expected to undertake in order to maintain standards of practice, to further Kent's reputation in education and research and to support the achievement of specific strategic objectives.

Who does it apply to?

It applies to all staff on:

  • Education and Research contracts (formerly Teaching and Research contracts) 
  • Education, Scholarship and Professional Practice contracts (formerly Teaching and Scholarship contracts)
  • Research contracts

It applies to full-time, part-time, fixed term and permanent contract holders.

Key contact

For additional help and guidance, contact Human Resources.

Academic promotions

Every year, we recognise the success of individual academic staff with a number of promotions to professor, reader, senior lecturer or senior research fellow.

Salary Awards

Additional and discretionary salary increments are open to all staff for: 

  • recognition of outstanding contribution
  • recruitment and retention. 

Kent will give financial recognition to a member of staff who assumes significant responsibilities in addition to his/her normal responsibilities and typically for a finite period. 

A one-off payment can be given to a member of staff for one-off superior delivery of a specific assignment.

Additional salary awards for Academic and Research staff

Salary awards for staff grades 1 to 9

These apply to non-academic or research staff only.

Increments and one-off payments

Professors and senior managers

Application process


Grade review for grades 1 to 10

Job evaluation process

Staff award schemes

Kent has a number of ways to recognise the outstanding performance and contribution of its staff whether it is through promotion, additional increments, one-off payments or team awards.

Appraisal (RPD)

We also have the Appraisal (RPD) framework, where individuals can have regular conversations with their managers and colleagues about their contribution to shared goals and their individual career development.

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