Personal development

We are committed to ensuring staff are able to undertake development opportunities throughout their career at Kent.

We support schools and departments in managing development of individuals/teams to meet specific strategic objectives. We also aim to ensure that all our staff have access to a consistent and transparent approach to personal development.

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Academic Career Map (ACM)

The ACM is a framework providing guidance to support the career development and progression of academics across the University.  It will come into effect for the 2019/20 academic year.  

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Apprenticeships are for everyone regardless of age, gender or job level.

They offer a flexible approach to learning that can be done over time at the pace of the learner.  

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We are committed to supporting all staff in career development and recognise the value of mentoring for both personal and professional development.

Job shadowing

Job shadowing allows individuals to find out how other staff work and understand the different roles within Kent.

Observation – “fly on the wall”
As a visitor/guest you will spend an agreed period of time observing the day to day work of your host. 

It should be a typical representation of what the “host” individual does on a daily basis. 

Regular Briefings – “Burst Interactions”
Here, a visitor/guest will shadow the host for specific activities over a period of time which are all preceded by a mini brief and follow up debrief. 

This type of shadowing provides short periods of focused activity, rather than passive on-going observation. It needs careful timing and planning so as not to be disruptive.

Hands On – “job sharing”
This is an extension of the observation model, where the visitor/guest starts to undertake some of the tasks they have observed. 

This provides the visitor/guest with hands on experience of the role whilst having the safety net of being closely supervised by the host.

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Fresh Eyes Scheme

This scheme aims to help staff to spend some time in another team. 

This can be done in a number of ways: 

  • Shadowing: A member of staff works alongside a colleague in a similar or complementary role to their own, or in a role to which they aspire to move, in order to gain some direct experience of exactly what that person does. 
  • Swap: a two-way swap involving people who agree to do each other's  job for a set period of time in different schools. It is envisaged that role swaps would be facilitated through the faculties Special Interest Groups. 
  • Learning visit: A new system/technique/skill is demonstrated. 
  • Critical friend visit: Someone is called in to cast a critical eye on an old or new process and offers comments and suggestions. The learning or critical friend visits do not have to be for a long period of time as a morning's visit or two has proved to be extremely enlightening and rewarding.
  • Secondment: The offer of temporary responsibilities or secondment opportunities to staff within the University as the need for cover arises. This involves a transfer to another part of the University for a pre-agreed, set period of time following which staff return to the same job at the end of the secondment. 
  • Visits to other Universities in the UK and elsewhere: visits to other Universities are a good way to engage with colleagues from the sector and learn from the Higher Education Community more broadly. These short term visits allow for the sharing of knowledge and further understanding of Higher Education policy and practice. 

Please note that this scheme is designed to complement the existing University policies and opportunities. All staff can apply for advertised posts on a secondment basis or apply to undertake short term European opportunities via Erasmus+ etc. 

We ask staff, out of courtesy, to inform their current line manager, prior to applying. 

Central development funding

Schools/Departments can apply to the Central Development Fund (CDF) each month for funding to support the development of staff within their roles and/or the aims of the school/department.

Funding can be used for:

  • training courses
  • conferences.

Full guidance relating to identifying development opportunities and applications to the CDF can be found in both our guides.

Staff fee remission

Staff who are studying for a part-time degree at Kent, and meet the outlined eligibility criteria, can apply for a staff fee remission each year.

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Technician commitment

We pledge to ensure visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability for technicians working in higher education and research.  

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Kent is committed to providing staff with personal and professional development opportunities throughout their employment.

The Learning and Organisational Development team provide a range of opportunities which can be booked directly through Staff Connect

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