Vice-Chancellor's Cup - highlights and upcoming events

The Vice Chancellor’s Cup is off to a flying start with 14 events scheduled throughout the year.

Staff teams recently completed in a series of team events to claim their spot on the leader board.

With ‘It’s a Knock-out’ taking place first, teams were set four timed challenges to complete, scoring points in each round.

Challenges included blindfolded games, agility courses and communication skills. Liquorice All Sports took the top spot, closely followed by LeJendSS and Living La Vida Mocha.

The second VC Cup event ran over two lunches in December, with a host of teams competing in a Volleyball tournament. Teams gave it their all, with CEMS dominating the competition with just two players!

Following these events, the top 4 teams are:

1st place – Liquorice All Sports (35pt)

2nd Place – Marlowe’s Marauders (34pt)

3rd place – Campus Sporting Exploits (34pt)

4th place – Living La Vida Mocha (30pt)

Find out more about the VC Cup, read the event highlights, check out the leader board and view our upcoming events online.

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