KentVision: Latest Features and Functionality

We are pleased to announce that the latest release of new features for the KentVision Project has gone smoothly. These are now ready to help staff deliver improved processes and better services for students.

My Marks (Student and Staff View)

New enhancements to the view for both students and staff to enable module adjustments from Board of Examiners. This is especially relevant to our students who have raised an end-of-year extenuating circumstance claim – they can now view any adjustments that have been made regarding their claim which was previously all off-system.

As module results are agreed by the central teams and the reassessment records generated (where a reassessment adjustment has been raised at a board) these can now be immediately viewed by staff. However, it has been adapted to ensure this view is not available to students until their formal result is released.

Modules that are trailed (repeat and reassessment) now appear in the relevant stage of the My Marks view.

Board of Examiner Functionality

Functionality is now available for staff to view a read-only version of the Board of Examiner secretary screen which provides a snapshot for the student to view all module adjustments, notes, and alternative progression outcomes from the various boards and post-boards.

On the secretary screens the total credit and stage average values are now displayed to two decimal points.

Enhanced functionality has been released to the central teams to ensure the boards processing report now defaults to the process of the current progression records and ignores any other adjustments from previous boards in the same academic – this is particularly relevant for PGT activity.

Post-Marks Release Functionality

Functionality has been released which will enable Divisions to capture any post-board changes for student outcomes once results have been formally released.  This allows staff to record such actions in the system to give a full audit trail of board stages and allows incorporation of any subsequent post-board changes.

Functionality has also been released to the Central teams to process these requests from a dashboard view within KentVision in a structured and managed way – reducing administration burdens on staff.

Results Letters

Result letters improvements issued as part of the finalist results release are now available to our students via the Results Server.

Module Component Reassessment Report

Improvements to the report will now provide a means to extract re-assessment details by module or students as required for those undertaking re-assessments in August.

This release is the culmination of work behind the scenes, and we commend everyone involved for their hard work – especially the users of the system dedicating time to ensure improvements are realised.

For further information about what features and functionality we are delivering by August 2022 please see our previous KentVision Project Update.

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