KentVision Project Update: May 2022

From Martin Carvey | Project Manager

Following significant work from stakeholders across the University, over the past couple of months we have begun to see increased functionality across KentVision, supported by careful testing and training ahead of rollout. This will continue in the weeks and months ahead, with our Agile Team delivery model being deployed across more areas, allowing for quicker and more effective development at each stage.  

This remains a challenging project but we are now seeing real progress in tangible business analysis, development and testing activity, leading to more key features and functionality being deployed – this will continue in the weeks ahead. My continued thanks to all users across the University for your engagement in getting the recent deliveries into place. 

Assessments: Boards of Examiners 

Initial Boards deployment is now completed. Development and testing of the next stage of the functionality for this remains on track for rollout this term, with training scheduled throughout. This is a key functionality with progress continuing in the weeks ahead, ensuring we can run a smooth exam process across Divisions. 

Changes of Circumstances 

Several user group onsite workshops with key users across the University have assisted in completing the process mapping for this, with a focus on user experience. Additionally, core components for delivery have been identified, ensuring data improvement is an initial focus.  

Our business analysts and developers continue collaborating to consider the complexities around Changes of Circumstances and are now working through the priorities for different users. This will focus on mapping out the changes to have in place for the key moments in the academic calendar during this year.  

Statutory Data 

Incremental changes are being made that will ensure data in KentVision continues to improve, with this strand of work continuing in line with the schedule. 

Next steps  

We are concurrently focusing business analysis and specific development work across several other priority areas – both for KentVision to meet the University’s needs during the short term, with further delivery scheduled during the next few weeks, and for further changes throughout this year, supported by ongoing user engagement. A priority order for delivery is being confirmed now to conclude the work of our independent SITS consultant, confirming the extensive SITS delivery list and priorities. Estimates for delivery timelines are now being accurately assessed, and a resourced project delivery roadmap can be completed.  

While there is still a way to go before we have features and functionality in place to satisfy all stakeholders, we are also looking ahead to how we bring both the working methods and ongoing improvements into ‘business as usual’ with the support of colleagues in IS.  

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