University Mental Health Charter Update and Wellbeing in the Curriculum

From Lee Fellows | Deputy Director  of Student Services and Head of Student Support & Wellbeing

In September 2021, the University signed up to the Student Mental Health Charter. The Charter Programme brings together universities committed to university mental health to share practice and create cultural change. As part of this programme, the Charter Award, which we intend to apply for in 2023, recognises the promotion of good mental health and practice across all areas of the University.

The award is not just about the wellbeing support we offer students in Divisions and across Student Services but looks at how the university as a whole institution works to improve mental wellbeing across 5 key domains; Learn, Support, Work, Live and Enabling Themes. Each framework area has several themes within it, and as an institution, we will be assessed against each theme for the award.

Within the Learn domain we are beginning to review what wellbeing in the curriculum looks like for the University of Kent. We know that already there will be a variety of interesting and different approaches that Divisions, PSDs and individuals will use and this where we need your help.

To assist us with collating what we already do we would be grateful if you would complete this form letting us know what you do (or would like to do!) within lectures, seminars and outside the classroom environment that promotes wellbeing in the curriculum. We are also asking you to complete this form if you have any ideas on potential University-wide initiatives that we could take on board to incorporate wellbeing into the curriculum. No activity, initiative or idea is too big, small or wrong.

More information on the Mental Health Charter can be found here.  You may also find the AdvanceHE Education for Mental Health Toolkit to be a helpful resource.

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