Thank you to our celebration ceremony volunteers

From The Congregations Team

Thank you to all of those who volunteered to help at the celebration ceremonies in Rochester and Canterbury.

It was such an important moment for our students who had graduated in absentia in 2020 and we know how much they appreciated that Kent made sure they could have their special day. The graduates are of course the stars of the day, but it takes a team to make sure the show can happen for them – and you were a big part of that.

We know our call for volunteers came at an already busy time and we are very grateful you joined us to make the occasion a success. We hope that you enjoyed taking part and the opportunity to make the Cathedrals your office for the day! Please do let us know if you have any feedback from the events that you would like to share with us.

This May we will be hosting our graduates from 2021. We begin in Rochester on 11 May, and then Canterbury from 16 – 20 May. We hope you will join us again, and that you will also encourage colleagues to take part.  Please sign up online here.

We have made this video to thank the staff involved, and we hope it will also show others that it may be hard work, but it’s a lot of fun too!

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