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Hilary Edridge, Head of Major Campaigns

From Hilary Edridge | Head of Campaigns and Philanthropy

Fundraising brings people together. By giving us a vision we can share, a common cause to inspire us and goals that we can aim for together, it can build networks and communities that really can help bring about positive change.

That’s been my experience of fundraising for many years now and why I’ve long wanted to launch a dedicated week of fundraising that the whole University can join in and enjoy.

The University’s plans for a new Parkinson’s Centre for Integrated Therapy gives us a perfect opportunity to launch an annual giving week that I hope will help us achieve something truly remarkable. The proposed centre will be the first of its kind in the UK and it promises to transform lives through innovative therapies and interventions for the many thousands of people who are diagnosed with this debilitating disease every year. More than 145,000 people live with Parkinson’s in the UK and it’s more than likely that each one of us knows someone personally who suffers from it.

So today we are launching our fundraising campaign that will build up over the coming days and weeks and culminate in Kent Giving Week, an exciting week of activities between the 9 – 13 May. I hope you’ll all want to take part in some way, big or small.

Each day will feature a theme that corresponds to a Parkinson’s disease symptom and the particular kind of therapy that the new centre will support and promote: Listen (neuro-stimulation); Sing (speech and language therapy, group singing); Move (group exercise and physiotherapy); Learn (nutritional, occupational and mental health advice) and Connect (massage therapy).

Activities will link to the themes so that you can do a 5k route around campus whilst wearing silent disco headphones (Listen); take part in our static bike ride (Move); come to a concert with the fantastic East Kent Rock Choir (Sing); come to some interesting and inspiring ‘TED’ Talks as well as hearing PhD students presenting their research at Bright Minds (Learn) and connect with others from around the globe from the comfort of your home in the Big Finale Livestream (Connect).

Alongside the week of activities we have The Moving Challenge where up until 13 May you can do a sponsored walk, run, swim or cycle to help us reach our collective goal of 5,000km. Whether you attend an event, take part in The Moving Challenge or support us in reaching our £25,000 goal, there really is something for everyone.

Students, local businesses, alumni and the local community are going to be joining in too. Learning about Parkinson’s is going to be a key objective of the campaign so that we both learn from our activities and understand better how the Centre will help those who need it most.

Do think about how you can sign up to support the activities, perhaps with your team and immediate colleagues, or support others in doing so. It’s going to be great fun!

For more information visit our about Kent Giving Week website.

Thank you.

Hilary Edridge

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