Ensure you are using the most up-to-date versions of Kent policies and regulations.
Academic Career MapA framework setting out what we expect from academic staff, how we support them and how we recognise their achievements at each career stage.
Academic and research staff additional staff salary awardsApplies to all academic and research staff, excluding professors and staff whose appointments are subject to probation
Academic and research staff promotionsApplies to all academic and research staff, including probationers and Grade 7 lecturers
Academic Leadership AllowancesThis policy sets out the arrangements for the remuneration of academic, limited tenure leadership positions
Academic leave of absenceTo enable academic staff to accept temporary appointment elsewhere, undertake approved work outside the UK or take study leave funded by an external body
Academic ProbationPolicy and procedures for academic staff on probation. Applies to 2019/2020 staff only.
Additional leave purchaseHow to 'buy' additional leave from Kent.
Adoption leave and payProvisions and rights for staff who are newly adopting a child
Adverse weather policyResponsibilities and pay arrangements for all University staff during adverse weather conditions including snow and ice 
Alcohol and substance misuseKent's position on drugs and alcohol misuse within the workplace
Anti-bribery and corruptionOur commitment to preventing bribery - and how we deal with any infringement
AppealsIf you are considering appealing a decision made against you under relevant ordinances, including performance improvement, conduct and redundancy
Appraisal - Relect, Plan, Develop (RPD)To help you fulfil your role effectively, there are regular checks on work priorities and career development
Appraisals - academic and research staffFramework for reviewing/planning performance for academic and research staff employed permanently or fixed-term for at least a year
Career breakWho is eligible and how to apply/award a career break for eg education, personal development, child(ren)/dependant care
Casual workers - engagement ofWhen to engage a casual worker and how to do it
CCTVManagement of Closed Circuit Television at our Canterbury and Medway campuses
Code of ConductA summary of key policies and practices for staff, a framework of expected standards, and behaviour guidlines
Compassionate LeaveLeave that may be granted following a beravement or if your partner or family member is diagosed with a critical illness or condition.
Conditions of ServiceAn overview of some of the most important aspects of the conditions of employment
Confidentiality of University businessPolicy on confidenciality
Contract Extensions and Variations (DB501)For use by managers when requesting to vary or extend an exisiting contract of employment
Contract managementContractual arrangements for employing staff
CopyrightProtection of copyright and managing risks
Critical illnessSupporting staff who have an illness that's possibly long-term and potentially life threatening
Dealing with a potentially suicidal employee - Guidance for managersGuidance for managers on how to respond to situations where there is concern that the wellbeing of an employee could potentially result in suicide or selfharm.
Declaration of interestAll staff have a general duty to disclose as soon as possible a financial or other interest in a transaction/proposed transaction between the University and a third party
Dignity at workTreating staff with respect and protecting them from bullying and harassment
Disability in employmentEnabling suitably qualified people with a disability to apply for and continue employment with us wherever practicable
Disclosure of Criminal Records (DBS)Conducting DBS Disclosure checks
Dismissal - Illegality or Some other Substantial ReasonPolicy for when Kent needs to end the employment relationship with staff where the reason does not fall easily into the usual procedures for dismissal
EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity)Creating and supporting a balanced, inclusive and diverse community for students, staff, visitors and the public
Employment referencesProviding employment references and proof of highest/relevant qualifications
EnvironmentCommitting the University to being a responsible corporate citizen that leads by example on environmental sustainability
ExpensesCheck how much you are entitled to claim in our Employee Personal Expenditure Policy
Fixed term contractsFixed term contracts may only be used where there is an objective and justifiable reason
Flexible workingWho's eligible and how to apply for flexible working to balance home and work life
Fraud prevention and responseDeveloping and maintaining a culture and controls to prevent and detect fraud
Freedom of SpeechKent's commitment to freedom of speech within the law.
Gifts - acceptance ofAdvice on seeking/receiving gifts including cash and property
Grievance resolutionRaising concerns, problems or grievances about work, working relationships or the work environment
Health and safety policy (parts 1, 2, 3)Statement, management and implementation of the University health and safety policy
Home workingPolicy, process and best practice for working at home occasionally, temporarily and on a permanent basis
Hourly paid lecturers - engagement ofWhen and how to engage hourly paid lecturers
Immigration - Tier 2 (General) WorkersTier 2 (General) is the route which enables UK employers to employ nationals from outside the resident workforce to fill particular jobs which cannot be filled by settled workers
Immigration - Tier 4 Student WorkersPolicy and procedures on hiring Tier 4 Student Workers
InductionEnsuring effective induction for all newly appointed staff
Information securitySecuring information managed by the University to protect us from breaches of confidentiality, failures of integrity or interruption to availability of information
Internal secondmentsTemporary deployment of staff to another role within the University for a specific purpose and period of time
International staff appointmentsMaking international appointments that are legally compliant and can be properly supported and resourced by the University
Interview expensesPayment of interview expenses for external candidates travelling over 25 miles to the interview location
Investigations - formalGuidance for managers conducting formal investigations
IT regulationsRelevant to anyone with a Kent IT account or using an IT facility provided by Kent
Job EvaluationBased on HAY methodology, our job evaluation scheme aligns to our commitment to the principles of equal pay for work of equal value.
Leave for public service and volunteeringStaff have a right to time off for certain public duties - including volunteering, jury service and appearing as a witness, members of the Territorial Army and reservists
Library regulationsApplies to anyone using the Templeman Library and all our library services, collections, facilities and equipment.
Managing conductWhat constitutes misconduct and how the disciplinary process works
Market supplementApplying for a supplement to the normal reward package to help with recruitment to a new post
Maternity leave and payMaternity provisions and rights for staff who are pregnant and following the birth of their child, and the University's responsibilities
Naming (following a philanthropic donation)Naming a building, facilities, research centres, academic/other posts, scholarships and bursaries following a philanthropic donation
No smokingEnsuring compliance with No Smoking Regulations under Part 1 of the Health Act 2006
Organisational ChangeEnsuring that organisational change is undertaken transparently, consistently and fairly, enabling the University to meet its objectives and ensuring that staff have a say
Parental leave18 weeks' unpaid leave is available for staff who have a child aged under 18
Paternity leave and payPaternity provisions and rights for staff whose partner is pregnant and has an expected week of birth or has been notified of a match for adoption
Performance improvementEnsuring that all staff are given appropriate support and development opportunities to undertake their role effectively
Personal benefitStaff should not use their office or employment for personal gain and should act at all times in good faith and in the interests of the University
Personal Data - Privacy StatementHow we use your information - HR Privacy Notice
Personal relationshipsEnsuring that staff relationships do not result in an abuse of power, and that all teaching and management of staff and research is unbiased
Print/Copy/Scan PolicyDetails of the Managed Print Service for staff
Probation - academic staffProbationary policy for all newly appointed academic staff
Probation - Professional, Managerial, Support and Research StaffProbationary policy for all newly appointed professional, managerial, support and research staff
Promotions - academic and research staffPromotions to senior lecturer, reader and professor for all academic and research staff, including probationers and Grade 7 lecturers.
Records managementUnderlining the University's commitment to take proper care of the records we hold - applies to all staff who work with these records
Recruitment policyFramework for the recruitment and selection of staff
RedeploymentSupporting individuals who may be redeployed to another role at the University
RedundancyEnsuring that redundancy is avoided wherever possible, engaging trade union partners, consulting affected staff/ relevant representatives and a fair and objective framework for redundancies
Redundancy - VoluntaryGuidance for schools and departments
Relocation expensesApplying to all new staff - and existing staff taking up permanent appointments at a different campus - appointed to a salaried post in the UK to grades 7 and above or the professional and senior management staff scale who meet qualifying criteria
Retirement - extended efficiencyAgreeing retirement timing of mutual benefit to staff member and the University
Right to work in UKWe have a duty to prevent illegal working by carrying out document checks before an individual commences work
Risk managementThe University's approach to risk management, including the roles/responsibilities of eg Council, Executive Group, Audit Committee, risk management process and reporting procedures
Safeguarding studentsEnsuring the health, safety and welfare of all children/vulnerable adults making use of our services and facilities, and providing a safe, supportive environment for all students and University visitors
Shared parental leaveProvisions and rights for staff to take shared parental leave following the birth or adoption of their child
Sickness absence - Ill Health OrdinanceHow to handle employment issues arising from serious, long term ill health, disability and/or incapacity, in a supportive way
Sickness absence - management ofGuidelines for managers and all categories of staff relating to sickness absence
Special leaveOffering flexibility, wherever possible, to allow staff to deal with personal or domestic matters requiring immediate attention or time away from the workplace
Staff developmentKent is committed to providing learning and development for all our staff, enabling them to fulfil their potential and helping us achieve our strategic objectives.
Study leaveAll research-active staff are eligible to apply for study leave to progress their research. Applications for other purposes (eg developing new teaching skills) will also be considered
SuspensionWhen suspension of a member of staff should be considered and the process to follow
Time off for trade union dutiesManagers' guide to providing facilities, including paid time off, for accredited trade union representatives
Transfer Between Academic ContractsProcedures for moving from one type of academic contract to another.
Travel policyGuidance on when and how to book travel, how to assess and manage risk when travelling (especially to countries that may present danger to visitors), the use of rail, hotels, taxis, flights, and specialist providers such as Uber, AirBnB, and Booking.com.
Travelling and working overseasSteps to be taken by staff and students to ensure their personal safety when travelling and working outside the UK in places outside the University's direct control
WhistleblowingEnsuring that those who have genuine concerns about the conduct of others, and believe that disclosure is in the public interest, have a safe and secure way to voice them
Working Time RegulationsInformation and specific provisions in place to adhear to the Working Time Regulations with which the University much comply.