Supportive Colleague winner

Supportive Colleague Winner

Congratulations to Jo Scamp

Jo won Supportive Colleague for continuously going out of her work to help CEMS IT and is seen to be the heartbeat of Technical services.  

Despite being a team of one she somehow manages to service the needs of hundreds of staff across multiple buildings. 

Jo always has the answer, or knows who to ask - she's seen as the go-to person for so many issues. 

She always tries to help as much as humanly possible and picks up what others are unable to do. Her continuous support and infectious humour is admired and has been a great source of comfort for her colleagues. 

Q&A with Jo

I’ve been working within the school of Engineering for 11 years, so I know the IT team and the technical team very well. They were going through a really rough patch recently, and I could tell they were struggling and in trouble. So, I dipped in and helped them out to provide them with as much support as I could, alongside giving them empathy and humour, it’s what any of them would do for me! I try to shield the team from as much as possible and sort out a problem before it becomes a problem for them. I was there for them, and they are there for me, it’s really nice. 

It’s the people, definitely the people. Plus, the support you get from your team members. I’ve always been part of the technical team and it’s only recently I’ve become a technician myself, so now they have to put up with me even more! 

Well, I am working on the technician commitment, so I'm proud of that. I'm also a champion for all the technicians across the university IT and technical services which I love to do!