Innovation Champion winner

Innovation Champion Winner

Emma Kember

Congratulations to Emma Kember

Emma won Innovation Champion for her commitment to transforming the placements processes.  

Emma led on this large project and worked incredibly hard at overhauling the current system and creating a new framework that benefits students, staff and ensures compliance with all regulatory bodies.

Her proactive attitude ensured there was colloboration with the key stakeholders and gained acceptance from other colleagues. 

Q&A with Emma

Due to Covid and ongoing difficulties there has been a decline in placements for students, putting the placements team under more pressure. The division has had limited administrative support in this area and systems were struggling to maintain and manage the support students required. I came into the division and began to look at ways we could support our students to ensure we developed good practices and ensured consistency of the quality offered.

The support came by implementing a different approach and revising the systems in place, ensuring quality assurance of the processes required to ensure the students are getting the best experience possible and feel supported. 

Be positive. You can do whatever you want to do if you work hard and work well with your team. My team are my heroes. They work so hard every single day. 

Challenges remain in placement sourcing, but the wider team are working hard on this. Hopefully the placements system being in place will ensure compliance and that we are supporting our students. We will be revisiting the system next week once we have completed a cycle and moving best practices across the division. It’s going to be a busy year but I’m looking forward to the challenge!