Great Team winner

Great Team Winner

Facilities Management Support Services

Congratulations to the Facilities Management team

The Facilities Management team won Great Team for their presence on campus throughout the pandemic, assisting with logistics for events such as the Lambeth Conference and supporting other areas of the University with positivity and willingness to support.

They have provided crucial support services to the University. Such as undertaking office moves, keeping the campus tidy, assisting heavily at events often beyond their contracted shift hours.

Over the last few years this team has grown, taking on new activities that will support other areas of the University, all of these new tasks are undertaken with a positive attitude and a smile.

Q&A with the team

It’s great to be awarded and recognised, it’s absolutely brilliant. As a team we work hard and we’re not always recognised much around the campus. I don’t think half the campus knows what we actually do! But when we do the work and get acknowledged for it, it means a lot. 

It’s been busy and we have been delivering everything we set out to do, it feels good to have accomplished so much. We’ve been removing furniture, logistical work, keeping the campus tidy, preparing open days and so much more! 

It’s such a friendly environment! We love working with people on campus and everyone is so helpful and welcoming as well, it’s just so much fun.