Community Ambassador winner

Community Ambassador Winner

Mita Mondal

Congratulations to Mita Mondal

Mita won Community Ambassador for her work on setting up the Kent Community Choir, involvement in the CEMS Community planning team, role in the BAME staff network and winning AUA member of the year. 

Mita started the Community Choir after the Covid lockdown and it's been a wonderful way for people to come together and create new connections between staff and students. By singing together and getting to know one another this has had a great effect on  improving the choir's mental wellbeing. 

As part of the CEMS Community planning team, Mita has been inviting all CEMS staff to join an informal tea and coffee morning, which has helped to connect staff across the division and build better relationships. 

Q&A with Mita

I started the Kent Community Choir after the pandemic. I wanted to see people connecting with each other again and it was important to me to have the community spirit back. We have gone through a lot; we haven’t seen each other for such a long time. I thought the choir was a wonderful way to connect with people again. Also, it’s fun! It’s good for your mental health, it’s accessible, you don’t need to read music, you just come along. I’m proud the choir has got some attention because we want to connect with the community as much as possible. I’m really delighted and would like to thank my choir members as without their involvement this would not be possible. 

You can come along every Wednesday to the Colyer-Fergusson at 13:00. Leave your desk for an hour and connect with colleagues and students. it’s a wonderful way to get to know others and build the community. Once you come along once, you’ll love it.

Yes, there are lots of exciting plans over the coming year and I look forward to progressing what has been done already! I plan to work on securing further funding for the Kent Community Choir and growing the number of people that come along.

I’m also thrilled to be taking a lead in the CEMS EDI team and the University’s BAME Staff Network. There are so many positive (and ambitious!) initiatives we are working on over the coming year to help develop our community at Kent.