Industrial action

The University and College Union (UCU) has held strikes days throughout this term, with more planned for March 2023. These will take place at all universities across the UK and are over national issues around pay, pensions and working conditions.

UCU have also announced an additional day of strike action on Wednesday 15 March to coincide with a coordinated national day of action across trade unions. Action Short of a Strike will continue throughout as it has been throughout this period of industrial action. 


  • Weds 15 - Fri 17
  • Mon 20 - Weds 22 inclusive

In-depth negotiations are ongoing nationally regarding the strikes in the meantime in the interests of an outcome that ends the dispute. As a single institution we have limited influence over decisions taken on the issues under dispute - however this current period of detailed discussion is a positive sign and we urge all parties involved in the negotiations to use it to reach common ground. 

In the meantime we are making sure we have plans in place to help students progress if the dispute carries on into the exam term.

Background to the strikes

We all want to work in a sector where staff are well rewarded for their hard work, but the same cost of living squeeze felt by people across the country also has an impact on our university finances too. Our hope is that through ongoing discussion an agreement can be reached that suits all parties and prevents unwelcome disruption to students.

What industrial action is currently planned?

UCU has held strike days throughout February with a number still outstanding starting from 16 March. Action short of a strike is continuing throughout, including staff working to contract.

What will this mean for students?

The impact of industrial action can vary and is likely to be different in different areas; not all staff are UCU members and not all members take part in action. However, some lectures or classes on strikes days are likely to be cancelled and our priority will be doing all we can to mitigate the impact on students.

We will be communicating with students regularly throughout, including setting out our principles in how we respond to industrial action.

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What are we doing about it at Kent?

While negotiations take place nationally, the issues being discussed are important and by working together we have made progress in a number of areas locally. 

This includes strengthening the work we have done to reduce the use of casual contracts at Kent, a 10% increase in the annual stipend for PHD scholarships, and a commitment to no compulsory redundancies as a result of current reviews underway at the University.

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