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Welcome to the University of Kent

Welcome from Karen Cox: Vice-Chancellor and President

Welcome to the University of Kent, we wish you every success in your new role. The University is committed to ensuring all new staff are provided with the appropriate and relevant information they need to become a valued and effective part of the organisation.

Please see the following introductory video from Karen Cox, the Vice-Chancellor and President.


As a new or existing member of staff, your employment at Kent is a journey.
The following will provide you with information to support you throughout your employee journey, both before you start, during your induction period and beyond. 

Kent 2025 Strategy

By 2025, Kent will be delivering one of the best education and student experiences. Enhanced by a research rich environment, that enables and inspires our students.  


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About Kent

The UK's European University: committed to the transformative power of education and research.  

About us

University Governance

The University of Kent is a self-governing autonomous institution set up by Royal Charter 1965. The Charter sets out its overall constitution, and is supplemented by statutes and ordinances that provide more detail as to how the University operates in practice.

This section provides links to the key governing bodies of the University. Council; Senate; Senior Leadership Forum and the Executive Group.

University Structure

Schools at Kent are grouped into six academic divisions. Staff and leadership teams work closely together, with a shared understanding of the Kent 2025 strategy and their part in delivering it. 

See below for more details of each division and its associated schools: