Staff Connect Guidance

The majority of our T&OD activities are available to view and book via your personal Staff Connect dashboard. To better focus resources on the topics in demand by our workforce and be more flexible in offering timely development solutions, we use Waiting Lists for development opportunities.

We  have a range of training opportunities that can be viewed and booked via your personal Staff Connect Dashboard. Where sessions are available, you will see dates that can be booked on to. If a date is not visible, you can add yourself to the waitlist, and once further information becomes available, you will be contacted directly. 

How to book a place on a session/waiting list in Staff Connect: 

  • Once in your dashboard, you will see "My Training Details" in the left hand panel. This will open up, and allow you to click on "Training Request" 
  • The search criteria page will now show - the search function is quite sensitive, so we suggest leaving all fields blank, and clicking "search", to bring up all training
  • You can then scroll though the "Search Results", and click in to the training you wish to book on to 
  • To book a specific session, you need to click into the date, which will then provide you with a "submit" button, which sends your request to your line manager to authorise. Please note, if you do not click into a specific date, the only option is the "waiting list" button, which will not secure a place on the training 

"Personal Development and Qualifications"

You will also find the "Personal Development and Qualifications" module within Staff Connect. Located on the left hand side panel under "My Development/Qualifications".

This module enables you to record any personal or professional development/training or qualifications you have undertaken during or prior to your employment at the University. You will also be able to use this functionality as a learning plan to record any future needs for development that you have identified and agreed with your manager, for example as part of the RPD process.

Staff Connect is the University integrated HR and payroll system, which allows managers and staff the foundations of a self-service system for recording, managing and reporting on an increasing variety of HR-related activities such as viewing payslips, requesting and approval of annual leave, logging appraisal (RPD) information, recording of absences, as well as booking on training and development activities.  

Support and guidance on using the Staff Connect system can be found on their support webpages (click here)

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