Employee Apprenticeships

Employee Apprenticeships and Levy Funding

Calling all staff – did you know that Apprenticeship training may be available to support your skill and career development?

As an employer, the University of Kent is committed to supporting new and existing employees through Apprenticeship standards.  Apprenticeships are for everyone regardless of age, work experience or job level.

Apprenticeship programmes combine work, training, and studying so you can ‘earn while you learn’. The introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy in April 2017, gives employers, such as the University of Kent, the opportunity to develop their workforce using Apprenticeships, that are fully funded by the levy.  That means the levy pays for 100% of your Apprenticeship training, with no cost to employees or to their school / department.

There are a huge range of standards available, from entry level to higher and degree levels.  Apprenticeships offer a flexible approach to learning that can be done over time at the pace of the learner in the workplace.

If you have an immediate need to appoint an Apprentice or use the Levy fund, Please email Loretta Finch: L.Finch@kent.ac.uk

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