Reflect, Plan, Develop (RPD) is a versatile appraisal framework supported by guidance documents, forms and information that you can use flexibly to shape conversations about work priorities, to set objectives and discuss career development at the University.

The focus of RPD is on the conversations between a reviewee and reviewer (usually the Line Manager, unless for Academic roles) and about connecting your role with the University’s vision, department/school objectives and identifying individual development opportunities.

The key to the RPD framework is its flexibility; enabling you to choose objectives and a development plan that are relevant and achievable for the particular individual and role type they have and/or aspire to. There may be instances where conversations are already taking place which capture this information, for example, research or teaching plans. We encourage you to use the RPD framework in a way that is appropriate, taking in to consideration any existing processes and documentation you may use.

For further information on the appraisal (RPD) process and information to help you prepare for your appraisal (RPD) conversations as both a reviewee and reviewer, refer to the HR Appraisal(RPD) page

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