Visas, right to work and Brexit

We have immigration responsibilities for some staff throughout their employment with us.

Visa options and obligations

Visas for current staff

Kent has immigration responsibilities for some staff throughout their employment.

If we act as your sponsor, we have additional responsibilities which must be met at all times. 

Although sponsor duties do not apply to those who hold their own visa, we are required to hold personal details and ensure you continue to hold the correct permissions to work by monitoring your leave to remain.

Find out more on how Kent supports international staff before and after they join.

Visas and visitors

To work or study in the UK, visitors have to comply with visitor immigration rules, known as Appendix V.

Before travelling to the UK, all visitors are advised to check if a visa is required.

Find out more about the latest visa regulations for visitors.

Kent has agreed processes for recruitment.

Advice on these processes, including meeting Tier 2 criteria, is available from the HR Resourcing, Immigration & Employee Communications team. They can also advise on recruitment and meeting Tier 2 criteria.


Following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union (in June 2016), we are providing information and support for any staff who may be affected.

The Kent and Brexit website includes the latest updates on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, and pointers to useful sources of information for staff and other stakeholders.

We ask staff to let us know of any change to their status, such as acquiring permanent residency or British citizenship, so we can better understand the numbers of staff who may still be affected by Brexit and require support.  

Right to work in the UK

Kent has a duty to prevent illegal working by carrying out document checks before staff start working for us. 

A ‘right to work in the UK check’ means that you verify a document, which is deemed acceptable by the Home Office for showing permission to work. 

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