Leaving Kent

While we’re sorry to say goodbye to any member of staff, there are important things to consider before you leave Kent.

Giving notice

Academic and Research staff

Members of staff may resign from their appointment by giving notice in writing of their intention so to do. The notice of resignation should be addressed to the Line Manager/Head of School, with a copy to Human Resources.

Academic Staff

  • Professors may resign by giving six calendar months’ notice.
  • All other Academic Staff:
    • if resignation received by 31 August: last working day will be 31 December
    • if resignation received by 31 December: last working day will be 31 March
    • if resignation received by 31 March: last working day will be 31 July

Research Staff

During the first three months of the probationary period, appointments are subject to a notice period of one week on either side; after three months’ service, and until the completion of the probationary period, appointments are subject to a notice period of one calendar month on either side.

Following completion of probation all Research Staff appointments are subject to three calendar months’ notice on either side.

In circumstances where the University is terminating a member of staff’s employment with notice, the notice periods referred to above will apply. Notice periods may be varied (either way) by mutual agreement with the Head of School.

Professional and Support staff

You may resign from your appointment by giving notice in writing to your line manager/head of school, with a copy to Human Resources.

The amount of notice you will have to give depends on your role within the University – and, following probation, can vary from one to six calendar months.

As a rough guide for professional services and support staff:

  • Grade 1 to 6: one calendar month
  • Grade 7 and above: three calendar months

Before the end of your notice period, you must return all property belonging to Kent – or the replacement cost of any unreturned property could be deducted from your final salary payment.

Commercial Services casual staff

casual leaver form should be completed for all casual staff as soon as they indicate they are leaving. When staff leave without notification, a form must be completed retrospectively. 

The form should be returned to Commercial Services HR to ensure that the P45 is sent to the correct address.

Leaver questionnaire

As part of our commitment to continually improve, we believe it is important to provide all staff who choose to leave with an opportunity to comment on their experience of working with us.  

All the information is collated and the information you provide will help us to identify potential employment trends. 

Where necessary it will also enable us to introduce improvements that can benefit the wellbeing and working lives of current and future staff.

Leaving checklist

  • Give notice of your intention to leave – remember to check how much notice you have to give first
  • Check whether you have any property that belongs to Kent, such as a phone, laptop or library book, and ensure you return it before you leave
  • If you have hired a bike through the Canterbury Cycle Hire Scheme, remember to return it to the Transport team
  • If you have obtained a bicycle through the Staff Cycle to Work Scheme, you should check your policy and contact the scheme operators to confirm any outstanding payments
  • Your parking permit, deducted monthly from your salary, will automatically end when you leave
  • Return your KentOne Card to your manager before leaving. If you have credit on your Kent One Card, you can email for a refund
  • Your IT account will close when you leave the University and you will no longer be able to access University files or resources
  • Our IT Services can advise what happens to your email when you leave
  • If you have an account that’s managed by other departments (for example, the Student Data System), ask them to close your account on your leaving date.

Don’t forget you can still make use of Kent facilities after you have left. 

You can apply for a visitor card for regular use of the Templeman Library, or for borrower membership.


Kent is committed to ensuring continuous employment for as many of our staff as reasonably practicable. However, sometimes organisational needs mean that changes involving redundancy may be necessary.

Our redundancy process is covered by Statute 7, which sets out how we deal with key employment matters. Ordinance 41 of that Statute sets out our redundancy process, whether you are a manager or affected member of staff.

Kent Voluntary Severance Scheme (KVSS)

KVSS is part of our response to the challenges facing the University and the UK Higher Education sector as a whole.

More on the Kent Voluntary Severance Scheme


For retirement, there is no set age. Normally, individual staff agree a date with the University.

There may be some cases, however, where it is beneficial for both individual staff and the University for a member of staff to retire earlier for a modest severance payment. 

When you have agreed your retirement date, the normal notice period will apply.

If you belong to USS/SAUL pension schemes, you should contact the Pensions Office at least three months before your planned retirement date.

The ‘Retirement: Staff Guide’ contains helpful information if you are considering retiring. We also offer a pre-retirement workshop to all staff approaching retirement.

On retirement, there’s no need to lose contact. Our Former Staff Association has over 230 members in the UK and overseas. Members receive regular email updates about events and activities, including an annual Christmas party and a copy of KENT magazine twice a year.     

Key contacts

Former Staff Association

The Former Staff Association welcomes anyone who wishes to keep in touch with former colleagues and to continue to enjoy their connection with Kent following retirement or moving to another job. Membership is free and partners can be full members in their own right too.

Let us know if you would like to become a member. 

Members will receive regular email updates about events and activities, plus reminders about the monthly lunches and the annual Christmas party!

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