Concerns and complaints

In any organisation, staff may have concerns about their work, working relationships or the work environment.

Line managers may also have concerns about an individual’s conduct or performance. In both cases, it is important to have clear and transparent policies and procedures on how we deal with concerns and seek to improve issues raised by an individual or manager.

Staff grievances

Concerns at work can often be resolved quickly and informally through a conversation with your line manager. We recognise, however, that some concerns cannot be dealt with informally.

Formal concerns, or grievances, are covered under Ordinance 42 of Statute 7 of Our People Practices, which sets out how Kent deals with key employment matters. 

We offer a number of resources for staff conducting a formal investigation.

Dignity at work

We all have a responsibility to create an environment free from harassment, bullying, unlawful discrimination and victimisation. 

We promote the respectful treatment of staff and the protection of employees from bullying and harassment at work.


Harassment is unwanted behaviour or conduct, which is related to a legally protected characteristic, defined in the Equality Act (2010).

You can get advice and support from colleagues who have trained as Harassment Contacts.


Mediation is increasingly being used to resolve disputes in modern life. It is based on the principle of collaborative problem-solving and does not apportion blame. 

Kent’s Mediation Service provides an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service to all staff. It is completely free and confidential and offers you a positive, collaborative approach to resolving workplace conflict.

The Mediation Service was set up with the Total Conflict Resolution Group. All our mediators are current staff, who are fully trained and accredited mediators. 

Find out more about the Mediation Service at Kent.


We want you to carry out your job to the best of your ability and at all times we expect certain standards of behaviour.


From time to time staff may wish to appeal against a decision about their performance or request.

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