Website policy

Our agreement for creating web content on websites.


This policy for websites aims to:


By creating content on the domains, we agree to the following:

  1. We agree that the University of Kent (the University) owns all content on the domains

  2. As Web Editors we will implement the Brand Strategy Group’s direction for the website

  3. We will be trained and pursue ongoing training on creating editorial content for the web. This includes an understanding of content strategy: content design and content marketing based on the user experience and design principles of the website

  4. We will work with central web teams to define new content that doesn’t follow the standard structure for school and service sections

  5. We will create content to serve user needs

  6. We will ensure legal compliance by creating content based on the accessible content guidelines to meet the University's accessibility statement. We follow the recommended government standard for web accessibility: WCAG 2.1 AA.

  7. We will ensure copy is written for the web according to the University's style guide

  8. We will ensure all imagery and video contains the correct copyright licences and attributions and follows our guidelines for using authentic imagery and video online 

  9. We will regularly maintain, monitor and evaluate content I’ve created using statistics and user feedback

  10. As owner of the website content, the University may remove or edit incorrect, outdated or substandard content that may create a negative perception of the University

  11. We will work within the current UK Law including the General Data Protection Regulations and the Competition and Markets Authority requirements (PDF 662KB).
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