Our system for creating content on the University's website.

What is Site Editor

Site Editor is our way of creating online content  using the new web theme.

It was created to make it easy to edit content, allowing you to focus on content creation rather than the technicalities of web design.

You can log in to Site Editor using your Kent account. You can edit content on campus, or off-site by using the University‚Äôs VPN.

Site editor has been built in-house so we can shape it to our needs. For the best experience, we recommend that you use a modern web  browser, such as Google Chrome.

University of Kent

Introduction and user types (3:07)

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How do I get access?

To support the Lead Editor in creating excellent content, we provide basic training before giving access to Site Editor.

Additional users

The Lead Editor can make a request for additional users (Local Editors or Profile Editors) to gain access to the site. 

Lead Editors, Local Editors and Profile Editors have varying roles and varying roles and levels of access.

To request an additional user, the Lead Editor should send an email with the new editors' name username and email address to helpdesk@kent.ac.uk

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