Professional staff profile headshots

Staff profile pages increase the professional reputation of our academics. They are extremely popular pages on school sites.
Screenshot of staff profile

A good profile image draws readers into the content and a consistent display provides a professional presentation for a school.

Background and light

  • Use natural, diffused lighting with softer shadows, this helps gives a smoother skin tone.
  • Keep a sharp focus on the face, especially the eyes.
  • Avoid distracting backgrounds - a clean, simple background works best. A neutral and slightly out-of-focus background can help put the focus on the face.

Posture and expression

  • A friendly, but professional expression works best. A natural smile creates an inviting atmosphere.
  • Accentuate the jawline by keeping a good posture and a tall neck.
  • Experiment with facing the camera at slight angle, this can help define your jawline.
  • Dress the part.
  • Try squinching!


Your profile image will automatically be presented in a circular format on the staff profile page.

To prepare it, you will need to crop it to a square.

Image showing how a square profile image is masked with a circle.
  • Site Editor will automatically crop the image you upload to a square format, but if the original isn't square, the crop may not align with a face. Follow the points below to prepare your own crop.

  • Use photo editing software to crop your profile image to a minimum of 500 x 500 pixels or larger. This can also be achieved using our cropping tool and selecting Square. 
  • Crop from just below the shoulders to just above the head. Keep the face centred in the crop.
  • Allow a little bit of space above the head to help with cropping.
  • Save as a medium JPG.


Examples which must be avoided.

  • Poor, unnatural lighting
  • Poor quality, pixelation
  • Distortion
  • Out of focus shot, especially on the eyes
  • Cropping over the face
  • An overly neutral or bored look - this may result in a mugshot/passport look
  • Artistic treatment - e.g. black and white, filters, snapchat
  • Poor and unnatural lighting creates a yellow tint
  • Out of focus
  • Poor quality
  • Mugshot feel
  • Softer shadows would help brighten eyes
  • Smartening up clothing would look less scruffy
  • Background would be better without wood at top of his head
  • Avoid I’d-rather-be-somewhere-else look
  • Avoid artistic filters
  • Stick to a consistent format to provide an overall professional look to your school’s profile images
  • Avoid black and white images
  • Stick to a consistent format to provide an overall professional look to your school’s profile images
  • Image is not cropped to a square
  • Poor lighting
  • Out of focus
  • Poor quality with pixelation
  • Strong shadow over face
  • Distorted image
  • Distracting background
  • Mugshot look
  • Face chopped off, not centred

Use a professional

Where possible, a professional photographer will give you the best results.

Please contact us be put in contact with our suggested photographers.

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