Service content

An informational page used for generic service content.


A service content page serves to:

  • Provide detailed information on a service content topic

It's similar to a generic content page but has a page contents menu. This is automatically generated in the right-hand column.

Service content pages, being informational, can be long pages. This limits the need to create additional pages keeping a lighter navigation structure. Don't be worried about pages scrolling

There is no clear rule to decide when a page is too long - it depends. Sometimes there is a logical sequence to information that might better suit the pages separated into a service guide. 

Keeping fewer pages helps users find content more easily and helps with maintenance.

Screenshot showing a service navigation page


SectionBlock options
Heading and lead
  • Default heading
  • Optional lead text
Editorial content
  • Text block
  • Image block
  • Video block
  • List of documents
  • Highlighted text
  • More info
  • Media pull quote
  • Pull quote
Tertiary content
  • See also links panel

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