Page types for creating integrated, service-based content.

What are guide pages?

Guide pages contain mostly internally-focussed, task-based content.

This functional content uses:

  • flatter navigation structures,
  • simpler layouts, 
  • longer pages and fewer sections, 
  • guides of grouped pages.

Although mostly focussed on internal audiences, service pages can also be used to show the extent of our services to prospective students. 

However, marketing is secondary - the effort is focussed on creating clear, task-driven information rather than showcasing content.

Guide pages use a lighter Kent navigation bar.

Simple navigation based on services

Students and staff shouldn’t need to know our organisational structure in order to get things done. 

These pages focus on providing integrated services, rather than structured around our organisational hierarchy.

This is a key principal of guide pages: a consistent way to find services from a single point within a simpler, flatter, structure.

Most service departments will use guide pages to integrate content into the:

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