One of the challenges is where to find images to use when creating your content in Site Editor.

At present, the University does not have a central image library, however, there are resources below that will help.

Even with a central library, finding a good image takes time and effort. An editor needs to select imagery that provides the most impact for their content.

Stock images

These are usually topic or subject-focussed images and can be used for news, events, courses and sometimes research content.

Eg Course pageNews article or Research feature

Stock images often require image attributions or credits as part of the copyright agreement. The University's policy is to add a credit as a courtesy, where possible – even when it is not legally required.

Find out how to add image attributions and credits.

Paid-for stock

If you are using a service, such as istock or, check that you are working within their copyright/licensing agreements.

Free stock images

There are many free stock image resources with mixed quality.

Bear in mind that you must adhere to their guidelines for attributions and credits in order to avoid any legal problems.

Using free stock imagery also means that you are likely to see it used elsewhere by other companies and institutions. For generic, topical images this may be okay.

Kent images

These are images showing University life, the study environment and reportage of real Kent people, for example, architecture, landscape, facilities, student events, people portraits and teaching.

View examples of Kent images

Images that are commissioned by the University are owned by us. This means we have the right to use them on the website and they don’t require image attributions/credits.  

Commissioning images

We recommend that you contact the content editors within MORA for advice on which photographers to use.

In general, when commissioning a photographer, they need to know how images work on the website (aspect ratios and how they adapt on mobile) and the type of images we want. Photographers will need to work within those specifications.

You also need to ensure the:

Sharing images

In order to move towards a central image bank, content editors across the University should share all newly commissioned imagery with the Design and Print Centre (

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