Impactful, quality imagery can persuade your audience and hook them into your content. It is key to the design aesthetic of the website. The Kent theme offers a design that allows your photos to make a strong impact.

The power of images

Imagery deserves as much thought and scrutiny in selection as the text or editorial content that they support.

A good quality photo can impart a subliminal message within a moment which has a positive impact on the perception of brand.

Users are not only looking for a course, but aspire to the lifestyle that a great student experience can offer. Good imagery helps them see how they can relate to the environment and fit into the picture.

Images can convey benefits, such as history, heritage, experience, trust and quality as well as subtleties in emotion, which are often difficult to portray in words. They are critical to adding interest to online content.

Brand considerations

Intelligent, Genuine, Engaging, Inspiring, Passionate, Confident.

Bold, relevant, quality imagery is one of the design principles for the website and one of Kent’s brand image guidelines - it is a key feature of our new web theme’s design aesthetic.

Used correctly, images help to create the tone of voice we’re aiming for in our brand:

  • Intelligent - Images can be used to create an instant impression of the breadth of our research and our general worldview. In some instances, it's possible to choose images that are thought-provoking and subtle.

  • Genuine - Ensure that what is being shown is sincere, honest and consistent. Showing real Kent staff and students doing interesting things looks genuine. Don’t use corporate stock imagery that doesn’t look engaging.

  • Engaging - With copy, we’d try to use things like ‘we can help you…’ instead of ‘the University can offer students assistance…’. Imagery should be equally welcoming and inclusive. It should not be overly formal or distant.

  • Inspiring - Create the feeling that Kent is the place to be; encourage people to picture themselves at Kent and be part of our story. Your key audience should be able to identify with the people in the photos.

  • Passionate - Show enthusiasm in imagery, not only for the big things and the wider University picture but also for the little details of everyday life at Kent.

  • Confident - Take pride in the great things we do and celebrate our successes. This isn’t about being overly boastful but doing justice to the people and the work carried out here. We need to acknowledge and promote our achievements.

General house style

Images should

  • consider gender and ethnicity balance
  • be sensitive to social norms across a range of cultures.

Images should not

  • be obviously staged, unnatural, or manipulated situations.
  • be clichéd.
  • make use of graded filters, special effects, cut-outs, blended imagery, text over images, borders, etc
  • use black and white photography unless it has a particularly high impact and is relevant to the context
  • use illustrations or drawings, unless they depict works of art that are relevant to the context.

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