Image Card Panel

Image Card Panels

Why use an Image Card Panel?

Image Card Panels are a way of presenting groups of links to other pages in a visual way.

Each link appears as a Card, with some text and an image.

As with some other panels, there are quite a few settings which lets you get different results: different numbers of columns, different colours, card arrangements, and background images.

This page shows examples of this block using different settings.

Two columns evenly distributed

In this example we have two columns, with the cards evenly spread out. This can be useful if you want a couple of key links to be bigger and make more impact.

Left-aligned card text

You can optionally left-align the text in each card. This can perhaps be useful if the text is slightly longer, or if you feel needs a more formal presentation. It works well with left-aligned main title text and evenly distributed cards, as in this example.