Hero Panel

Why use Hero Carousels?

Hero Carousels are a great way of making a series of highly visual statements on a page in a relatively compact way.

Users can swipe (or click) horizontally between multiple panels.

Each panel appears very similar to a Hero Panel (by default) although there are options to use what we call an "Editorial" layout. Here, the fonts are a little smaller so you can more easily fit in slightly more descriptive text than the Hero Panel type default.

As with Hero Panels you have options for panel height, image brightness and position, text position, and buttons.

Caveats with carousels

While it's tempting to use carousels to fit a lot of information into a small space, try not to overuse them. It's far better to keep your content focussed and simple than to pack the page with slides in a carousel.

Although we've noticed users do interact with carousels and do look at the different slides, don't rely on anyone doing this. It's far more likely (particularly on mobile) that users will scroll down.

For this reason it's good to keep a focus to your carousels. Perhaps try to keep a common theme to your slides, so users feel there's some kind of journey involved in swiping.