People management

Our HR team provides a range of resources to support managers with all aspects of employment practices.

Statute 7 - Our People Practices

Statute 7, or 'Our People Practices', sets out how employment matters (such as grievance resolution, performance improvement and discipline) are to be managed.

The processes are clear, transparent and provide a consistent and equal approach to how employment matters are handled for all staff on UK contracts.

This set of procedures deals with the most commonly encountered issues within an employment relationship:

  • Performance Improvement
  • Ill Health
  • Conduct
  • Dismissal - Illegality & Some Other Substantial Reason (SOSR)
  • Redundancy
  • Grievance Resolution
  • Fixed Term Contracts
  • Suspension
  • Appeals
  • Provisions for the Vice-Chancellor and Secretary to Council

Professional and personal development

Our continuing success is underpinned by the personal and professional growth of our staff. We can help you achieve more, in and away from work, through promotions, awards, appraisals and training.

Organisational change

Higher education is undergoing significant change and Kent recognises the need to respond with increased flexibility and agility. 

Change is a constant and necessary part of a continually improving organisation. The University must ensure it has effective processes in place that enable it to adapt, pursue new opportunities and overcome challenges in order to deliver its strategies.

Management reports and statistics

A number of management reports are available through Staff Connect via the self-service dashboard.  They are designed to provide real time information on staff data to aid day to day university processes and inform management decision making.

Managing staff conduct

Good conduct is essential for the efficient and effective operation of Kent's activities, and to ensure the safety and wellbeing of staff, students and visitors.

Concerns about staff conduct can normally be resolved informally through appropriate conversations. However, sometimes this is not possible or effective, and formal action needs to be instigated.

Conducting an Investigation

A number of Kent's policies and practices provide for a formal investigatory process, outside the normal management line, to determine the best approach or response to a specific issue. 

These include the Conduct and Grievance Resolution policies, as well as the Dignity at Work and Whistleblowing policies. We offer a number of resources to support staff in conducting a formal investigation.

Performance improvement

We are committed to ensuring that staff have and/or acquire the skills, knowledge and experience needed for their day-to-day role.

Our aim is to help staff improve their performance and agree ways of improving and sustaining a satisfactory level of performance through appropriate support, training and target setting.

Work-life balance

We recognise that staff have responsibilities and interests that have to be balanced with working life. 

Our aim is to create a well-managed flexible working environment that supports staff, promotes welfare, maintains effective working practices, and provides a productive balance between work and life outside work.

Managing sickness

Kent is a caring employer and provides considerable support to all staff in times of sickness and personal difficulties.

Flexible working

All employees, not just parents and carers, have the legal right to request flexible working. Flexible working agreements could be an alternative working pattern to the standard working hours or part-time working. 

Operational needs and objectivity must be taken into account, but managers are encouraged to be innovative in organising their team and respond positively to requests to alter working patterns to enable staff to fulfil more effectively their professional and personal commitments.

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