Communicating at Kent

Handy tips and guidelines to help you communicate your ideas clearly in writing and online.

Brand identity

Kent's brand, logo and visual identity reflect our position as a leading UK university for research and teaching. 

Image library

To ensure everyone is working from the same pool of approved images, the image library has been uploaded to Flickr. We recommend only downloading the images you want to use rather than the whole image library at once.

Copyright is now an unavoidable and important aspect of university life and you will need to think about it when you are communicating on behalf of the University.

Our copyright support service will help you navigate your way through copyright law so that you can:

  • identify whether and how copyright issues affect your work
  • make informed decisions on the best way to address copyright implications
  • find out who to contact for further advice.

The University has a Copyright Literacy Strategy (pdf) that shows its commitment to supporting you in making informed decisions about copyright  

Key contact

For queries on copyright email our specialist copyright advisor 

Plain English

We encourage using plain English in all our communications at Kent.

A message, written with the reader in mind and with the right tone of voice, that is clear and concise.

Find out how to write in plain English and why it's a good idea.

Writing for the web

We encourage you to follow the Digital Guidelines to create clear and accessible content for Kent webpages.


We send and receive far too many emails! Be part of the solution by adopting these best practice guidelines:

Social media

Make the most of social media by following our best practice tips and guidelines for work-based communications.

Accessible communication

At Kent, we are committed to inclusive and accessible communication to improve access to information for everyone. 

We use the MATCHED approach which stands for:

  • Meaningful titles
  • Accessible language
  • Timely
  • Consistent
  • Heading based navigation
  • Electronic first 
  • Descriptive hyperlinks.

Student communication campaigns

We run a number of campaigns every year to communicate with our students. Find out more about the campaigns and how to promote them:

Sharing your story

There are four key channels to help keep you in touch with University-wide decision-making. These include information on reports on the main business being considered by Senate, Court and their principal committees:

Submit a story to Campus News

Send us your story if you would you like to see it featured on Campus News or the staff newsletter.

Submissions should meet the story guidelines.

Please note

Submitting a story for consideration using this form does not guarantee its publication

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