How we're keeping our campuses safe

Ensuring the health and welfare of all our staff, wherever they are working, is our absolute priority. As we move beyond the Covid-19 pandemic, we have plenty of support available to you and are doing everything we can to keep our working environment safe.

Following the recent Government announcements on ‘Living with Covid’, all legal Covid-19 restrictions in England have now ended. However, this doesn’t mean that Covid has gone away – we continue to encourage all staff to keep the health and safety of each other in mind, particularly those who are vulnerable or who have close friends or relatives who are more at risk from respiratory infections, such as Covid.

Wearing face coverings

We respect an individual’s choice as to whether or not to wear a face covering, recognising that this may be for a variety of reasons, such as concerns about the transmission of respiratory infections.

Staff who are particularly at risk from respiratory infections (or share a home with someone more at risk) and feel they would be benefit from additional measures can apply for a FFP2 mask as a reasonable adjustment. If you feel you would benefit from this greater protection, please talk to your line manager in the first instance.  

Ventilation and outdoor spaces

We are monitoring buildings and rooms across campus to ensure they meet Government guidelines on airflow. Keeping a window open supports this and our ‘virtual first’ approach to staff meetings also helps reduce the number of gatherings. If you wish to double-check airflow levels in your area, get in touch with Estates Customer Services to borrow a CO2 monitor.  

We are continuing to provide 'user instructions' for teaching rooms that rely on natural ventilation as letting in fresh air is a sensible and helpful public health measure that protects against all respiratory illness. If you are teaching in these rooms you will need to follow these instructions. Useful guidance on ventilation is also available from our SHE team.   

Contingency and outbreak management

The University maintains a close relationship with the Directors of Public Health for Kent and Medway and local Health Protection Teams, and we will continue to be guided by them in responding to any public health concerns that arise. We continue to maintain a protocol for communicable diseases, to be used as and when required.    

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